VSX-1023-K Review

vsx1023kPioneer’s new VSX-1023-K is their entry level Multi-Zone A/V Receiver. But don’t let the “Entry Level” label scare you away!

If you are considering a Multi-Zone reciever, then this one should certainly be on your list!

This is a 7.1 model, featuring 4K Ultra HD, 6 HDMI® inputs, and an energy saving Eco Mode. 140 watts is more than enough for most condos, apartments or moderately sized homes.

Like most of the Pioneer models, set-up is simple, using the MCACC Automation Room Calibration the entire process which you will find to be quick, easy and very accurate.

What is really great about Multi-Zone systems is that the “second zone” can enjoy content that is different than what is be listened to in the main room. This is a very cool feature!

We tested the sound modes and found them to really make a difference. Dolby® TrueHD® and DTS-HD® Master Audio provide terrific sound in most applications, but we found DTS surroundmode to work really well with Netflix and Hulu-Plus which we accessed via a Roku player.

We found the VSX-1023-K’s six HDMI® inputs to be more than enough for most users. The HDMI inputs provide connectivity for all your sources like Blu-ray DiscTM players, cable boxes, and gaming consoles. The HDMI inputs support both 3D and new 4k Ultra HD content. One feature which we consider to be a necessity is HDMI Standby Through, which allows your sources (cable box etc.) to pass through the receiver to the television even when it is in standby mode. We would never consider a receiver lacking this feature. In addition, the VSX-1023-K also provides a MHL 2.0 port, supporting 3D content, 1080p 60Hz, and fast cell phone charging.

Apple® connectivity on the VSX-1023-K will not disappoint. Using the front USB input you can playback music and control the new iPhone® 5 and iPad mini. The USB port located conveniently on the front panel lets you play back all your favorite music files, like MP3, WMA and AAC files.

The built-in ethernet port on the VSX-1023-K is vital to unlocking all of the on-line content you’ll be able to access! Once connected to your home network you are able to easily access Pandora and the vTuner Music Services. Both of these services require you to have a (free) account but they are truly worth having. By downloading the Pioneer Control Ap to your Smart Phone or Apple device you are able to control all functions of the VSX-1023-K without using the remote. Where we found this to be most useful was in using these services without having to turn on the television set. Love it!

For the price, this Pioneer Multi-Zone receiver is truly impressive in its array of features and benefits. While we consider this model to be a great buy, consider the new SC-1223-K if you are interested in even more advanced features.
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