Why We Like Pioneer Audio

We love Pioneer Audio for one simple reason… It’s the BEST!

Over the years we’ve all owned AV Receivers manufactured by various other companies. Some had features we liked, others were sadly lacking. But one thing has been true for me personally, I always go back to Pioneer!

Why? Because when I really look at the features, the sound quality, the look of the units, the support I can get, Pioneer always surpasses the rest!

As an example, my current Pioneer Audio Receiver is connected to my home network. I listen to Pandora, internet radio or iTunes while I’m working. Not long ago, Pandora stopped working and I was really upset about that! I tried resetting the password… nothing. I tried restoring the factory settings… nothing. I tried everything I could think of and nothing worked. I was just about to bring the receiver in for service when I wised up and called Pioneer’s technical support.

I got right through and was told that all I needed to do was update the firmware. So that’s what I did.

The process was very simple and quick. When it was done I reset my Pandora credentials and I was back in business!

I also use the iPad and Android aps to control my system. In fact I use the aps more than I use the remote control. The thought Pioneer put into the design of the new models is incredible. I really don’t see that kind of fore-thought used by the competition.

So yes, we love Pioneer Audio products, and for good reason. They are simply the best!

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